Blogging from my Droid

Last week my daughter Karmyn received the radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer.  It was of course precautionary. She has been doing very well this week and we are all breathing easier and giving thanks.

My week was easier than hers...staying with the kids.  I reminded Jammin and Buttercup to practice the piano and the Caboose to go potty. (When you are three it is so easy to play too long!)  We went to the park one day and visited the Hasty Freeze for shakes on another day.  And we pulled out my watercolors and played at being artsy another afternoon.    They still missed their mama very much.  Every night I woke up with at least one extra head on the other pillow.


The drive home on Saturday was spectacular in its presentations of blues, greens, and browns.  The sun was bright and the prevailing wind pushed me along the gorge.   An osprey surprised me when it flew along side and then in front of me with a wiggly fish held tight in its talons.  Many other birds of prey were soaring on the updrafts.  The wind surfers decorated the water with sailing colors while motorcyclists were out in force heading east and west .  Closer to home there were golden pyramids forming along side the grain elevators. On arrival home, the valley was hazy from  fire in a wheat field on the mountainside.


We've had two birthdays this month.  Z-bub turned six and the Dinkum turned four.  Here he is with his new Green Lantern mask and birthday cake around his mouth.  The mask completely changes his looks.  (Cell phone shot!)


After the weather fairy left that cool spell behind, the days have been beautiful.  Some in the 90s.  If we've edged over the 100 spot on the thermometer, it was brief.  There were some positive effects of the weather - like the bleeding hearts still blooming in early August.  But there have been negatives too.  Some of our ornamental grasses didn't prosper. We had that very late frost mentioned in a previous post that killed the roses and damaged our honey suckle and other flowering bushes.  Sometimes I think people who decorate with colored rock have the better idea.


Give me kudos for grabbing my camera before the newlyweds hopped back into their car and took off from the rest stop.

I haven't done any Tailgating for months!


I had to edit this post from my computer.  Just don't have the knack and talent to get it all correct with that tiny Droid keyboard.


Gattina said…
Hope that everything goes well with your daughter ! You certainly didn't suffer of boredom in the past weeks ! All these little "angels" !
Sayre said…
I don't know... having three kids (especially when you're not used to it) is pretty tough!

I'm impressed you tried blogging with your droid. I don't even text with my phone because I can't see the keyboard! BTW, the cell phone shot of your grandson is pretty amazing... They've certainly come a long way.
Karmyn R said…
I've decided that the Green Lantern mask actually did what it was suppose to do - hide your identity. Isn't that amazing?
I am feeling positive about Karamyn..and praying for her too! I figured you might be with the kids. I am sure it was a rough week for everyone. Are you getting ready for a wedding? Hope you stay sane:)
lisaschaos said…
I'm sure Karmyn felt better knowing you were with the wee ones. :) I would have loved to play along with you all, the painting and frozen treats sound way good! You might have had to remind me to potty too if I was having that much fun! :0)
Mozi Esmé said…
Praying for Karmyn and glad things are doing well. My mom is 11 weeks through her chemo treatment and it is so full of ups and downs, but getting closer to the end! :)
Intense Guy said…
Happy birthdays to the birthday kids! And best wishes to the newlyweds...

And continued thoughts and prayers for Karmyn (and her tikes).

You did well doing this post from a Droid! You got the new tech down pat!
Wendster said…
Kudos on the droid thing and the newlywed photo! As I said a few posts down, I have been a terrible visitor and did not know about Karmyn. OMG! I hope she is doing well and that she recovers quickly. She will be in my prayers for sure. And the grandkids sound like they are doing well. Way to go Grandma! You are doing a super job with them. And Happy Happy Birthday to the birthday cuties. xoooxoxoxo
Amanda said…
Sounds like you have had a challenging time of late as well my dear. My thoughts are with you and Karmyn. xo
Desert Songbird said…
So glad you got to spend time with Karmyn's kids while Karmyn was getting radioactive. And I'm really glad to hear she's doing better. :)

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