Faith, Hope, and Prayers

Our eldest daughter is diagnosed with the very rare Hurthle Cell Carcinoma.

Karmyn's GP and her surgeon had been so encouraging and had prepared her (and us) for a benign result.  Instead, we are reeling from the pathology report with disbelief and shock.   She now requires additional surgery to remove the remainder of her thyroid.  Then she moves on to chemotherapy and thyroid hormone replacement.

Our family has been buffeted by the winds of life's storms the past months.  But there have been prayers answered ....

My dentist brother Ron (and his wife Kay) returned from an extended trip to a third world country that suffers a high incident of HIV.  During one of the clinics, where my brother donated his skills on the locals teeth, he suffered a needle accident.

*Subsequent blood tests have shown negative results for any contracted virus.

Upon their return to the states, Kay was feeling ragged and run down.  She was shortly diagnosed with colon cancer.  I cried and prayed long distance with Ron as his wife was prepared for surgery.

*The cancer was encapsulated and she will not have to endure the rigid chemotherapy. 

Our middle daughter is going through a litigious divorce following a tumultuous marriage. She and her three little ones arrived in the middle of the night with close to nothing and lived with us for five months.  Having a 5, 3, and 1 year old in the house takes many adjustments for two grandparents who have been accustomed to their own space. But those challenges were minimal compared to the emotional turmoil brought on by a vicious custody battle.  Unjustified accusations - both written and oral - keep us on guard.

*My grandchildren are still in our daughter's temporary custody.  She acquired a great job that she loves - a blessing during a time of high unemployment.  An unexpected receipt of funds also provided for a used car and an apartment lease. We continue to pray for peace in their lives.

My husband lost his job.  The official term is Reduction in Force (RIF).  His employer was the State and the budget cuts effected us very close and personal.  Because of some physical limitations I have not worked full time for over two years.

*Shortly before the last day of his contract, my husband was approached to teach a programming class winter quarter at the local community college. It's been hard work to prepare the class, but it has been rewarding for him.  Just last week he was contracted by a local business to build and maintain a website.  On Friday, the college offered him a second class during Spring quarter.  We have been blessed with income and have not been forced to raid our retirement fund.

Amanda, Jennifer, Karmyn with us on Oregon Coast
We are expecting miraculous healing and recovery for our daughter Karmyn.  Just last evening our friends in Colorado Springs told us that they and their friends would PUSH for her.  They explained that it was an acronym for  Pray Until Something Happens.

That is exactly what we plan to do.  PUSH for Karmyn.  Please join us.


karisma said…
(((HUGS))) There will be some major PUSHING going on from down here. Keep the faith strong! xoxoxox
grammy said… dear sweet pam friend...that is just too much
I hardly know where to start...just know that my prayers are with you and the family too. I will go right up to my bedroom and post a prayer request where I will see it. It is times like those when we say ...why God? This is just too much! I pray that you will feel his arms comforting you because we rarely get answers to the hard questions I just asked. When our kids and Grandkids are threatened it is like getting kicked in the stomach .... So sorry you have to go through this.
I am glad your husband got some work... keep us posted.
Jan n Jer said…
Wow Pamela...this is news that one does not like to hear about. Seems there is good an bad mixed in, so that is encouraging. You best believe that I will be "Pushing for you n your family" Keep the faith and stay strong.
Intense Guy said…
Before I "push" I want to give you a big hug and to say that back when I first "met" you on-line, I sensed there was a "quality" and "class" person behind this blog and the year (or has it been two all ready?) had proven that to be the case time and time again.

I don't know how you cope with the "buffets" life has thrown you - you've done marvelously well and I am filled with respect and a bit of awe.

...and now for some PUSH... I will do my best - for I know you and yours, including Karmyn and the middle daughter.

I know the grandkids are in a good place.

Hugs and pushes...
Hayden said…
Challenges can not be avoided, but it sounds like you and your family have had more than your share!

May many more blessings than challenges come to you and yours, Pat. I, too, will pray for Karmyn.
Kim said…
Sweet Pamela.

This post sums you up so well for me. Always counting your blessings in the midst of difficulty.

I will pray for your family. My father had thyroid cancer some years ago. It was also a rare type. I am pleased to say that he is cancer free and has been for about seven years. There have been challenges with the thyroid replacement therapy, but that seems to have stabilized. I hope for the same or even better results for your beautiful daughter.
Yvonne said…
Praying for good outcomes on all fronts
Cathy M said…
You have been having a terrible time lately. You and your family will be in my prayers.
foam said…
i'll be pushing with all my might!!
kailani said…
I am so sorry for everything your family is going through right now. I will say a prayer for all of you!
Hi Pamela..When it rains it pours..I am so sorry to hear Karmyn's bad news..that really sucks..I will PUSH with the rest of you. have had just a little in your life in the past year..hang in have supportive friends. Hug Karmyn for me..:)
Jenni said…
This is a wonderful post, Pamela. You are such an example.

I've been thinking of a similar post--along with many others that never seem to get written these days. Our family has been going through a lot lately as well. Through it all we have been able to find peace through trusting in God, and we continue to see His hand in each situation. I do not believe God sends trouble upon us, but I do believe He offers the way out.

I have been praying for Karmyn and your whole family and will continue to pray. God is bigger than all of the trials we face.
Sandy said…
Pamela, I have been called a PUSHy broad more than I can just focus on putting it where it will do the most good!

Love you and your family. Praying always.
Jill said…
We will be praying for her
12ontheinside said…
Pamela I am sending my hugs and prayers your way and your family's way xoxo
Steve Skinner said…
We'll be pushing her on the Oregon coast!!
bichonpawz said…
Dear Pamela....PUSHING for you and Karmyn and your whole family...from NY. My heart and prayers are with you all.
Peter said…
It sure is time for a chande in lifes patterns around your way, will have you all and especially Karmyn in mind.
Don't know how you have accumulated such a run of bad stuff Pamela, I am reminded of a conversation with WT where we voted you the NICEST blog friend we had... and it still applies.
PEA said…
Oh, Pamela, life sure has been throwing all kinds of curves at you and your family! Please know that my prayers have been added to those of the other. The power of prayer is something I've always believed in. xoxo
The Church Lady said…
In a time where there is heartache, you focus on your blessings and answered prayers. Bless you!! And praise God! There is definitely power in prayer. I will keep your daughters in my prayers, Pamela. Keep the faith, my friend!
Gattina said…
I don't know what to say this is really a very bad period for you. Fortunately something positive with your husband !
I hope that the sun will shining again soon and all problems solved !
C... said…
I'm sad to hear of your pain in your life right now. My sister, in California is going through a divorce. However, she's turned to alcohol and is making a mess of her life. I want to smack her around but I will pray and hope she sees the error in her ways.

I will pray for your family and you to stay in high spirits and strong.
lisaschaos said…
I haven't stopped PUSHing since I first read of what was going on with all of you. I am so hoping that 2011 finds more peace and fruit for you all! :)
min said…
Pamela, you and your family have all my thoughts and prayers.
With all the love and positive energy headed your way, things will turn out just fine.
Shelby said…
You are in my thoughts and prayers so very much
my friend. I love the answered prayers update. One day, one moment at a time. Much love.
Hazel said…
Dear Pamela, I'll be praying for courage, strength, stamina, healing and peace for all of you. It's good that you are looking for the blessings though it all; they are always there but often so hidden we don't see them in our despair. God never said we would have easy lives, only that he would be right there holding us the whole way. ~ I'm sending much love♥ and many prayers.
Kathleen said…
Pam, prayers are headed your way from all directions. God be with you and your family. I understand much of what you are going through but not all at the same time. Just know I am praying and will have others pray. and keep looking up for God is holding you in the palm of his hand. You are already seeing some answers to pray. God is good, all the time! HUGS!
Kila said…
Sorry you've been going through such a rough phase. You're in my thoughts and prayers daily! Hang on, the ride will improve!
Prayers your way. Lots of prayers.

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