Booking a Ticket out of the Doldrums

The Church Lady is snowed in in Pennsylvania – and decided to host a “What do you do when you’re snowed in on Fun Monday” meme.  Actually, her question was “What do you do when you’re stuck in the house,” and or “in the doldrums” sort of way.  Having two feet of snow dumped her way this weekend certainly gave her the impetus to go that direction with her theme.  (A year ago I remember writing about our two plus feet of snow.) 
Other than the first few weeks after childbirth, my closest experience to being housebound happened in 2004, when I broke my leg.  My husband waited on the crippled me with lots of grace and patience.   He kept me sane.
But, the doldrums?  I used to get those way more often than I care to admit.  Sometimes I escaped them by diving into books.  There is no place better to switch realities than in a well-written book.
Books can be acquired with little investment – especially if you visit the library or have book sharing friends.  All you need is a place to sit comfortably without much disturbance.  I can tune out pretty much anyone or anything once I am drawn into the story.
One of my favorite spots to read is by the crackling fireplace wrapped in a blanket.
On occasion you might find me absorbed in a romance novel surrounded by bubbles in our oversized tub.  I confess!  I love Nora Roberts.
(If you try this, be careful that you don’t nod off to sleep and drown your hard back in the water.)

Reading takes me places.  To the past.  To the future.  To strange lands.  Or, even to an alternate universe.   The trip home is just a book marker away.
Now…grab your snow shovel and clear a path over to Living In Pennsylvania. 

Have a Fun Monday!


Gattina said…
I like Nora Roberts too and have read a few of her books. I was lucky I could find them in English in a used book shop, thanks to all the English speaking people who live here in Waterloo because of the American school "St. Johns". Otherwise it's hard to find English books, or they are in french. I think I have read one Nora Roberts in french too, lol ! I also could sit in a bubble bath for hours !
Gattina said…
Not the shop was used but the books !
joangee said…
Loved reading your Fun Monday post, thanks for sharing.
I love reading books, tho' for me it's likely to be sci-fi or history as in the 'Lost voices' series, personal accounts of living at certain times such a the Edwardians.
I must see if I can find Nora Roberts snd try one of her books.
Lil Mouse said…
I LOVE reading, and don't get to very often anymore, K always wants to rip the pages. She loves her books, but she also wants to eat them, so we've had to shelve them. Poor kid. We keep trying to tell her to eat other things, but she won't listen.
Sayre said…
I love to read. Back when I was smoking, I would read three or four books a week (it was a good excuse to go outside and smoke!). But ever since I quit, I find I need to be doing something with my hands when I have free time - and I save the reading for bed before I go to sleep. Which is why I wind up getting involved in so many crazy projects....
Janis said…
I agree...there is nothing like a good book to take you on a journey and entertain. I also like Nora Roberts. Nothing like soaking in a nice bubble bath too! Thanks for sharing Pamela Happy FM
min said…
I love falling asleep in the bathtub!! But then the water gets all cold and you've ruined a perfectly good book.
grammy said…
I can escape in a book too... I tried to pass that on to my children, and they just don't get it. They take after thier Dad.
I don't like to drive on snowy roads... so times like now when it is snowing... I just stay home. Buttt... I could walk to a grocery or Walgreens or even Walmart (o: I am not in the middle of a city, rather a use to be small town that had things built up out here on the edge of town.
I often wonder what it would be like to live somewhere where you really are stuck... could I store up stuff for a winter and make it?
The Church Lady said…
Oh yes, isn't is amazing how much time flies when you are so absorbed in a good book? Your oversized tub looks like a wonderful place to wash away the doldrums! Giggle.

Thanks for playing, Pamela!
Kila said…
Nice bathtub!

I like to bake during snowed-in days, not that I'll have those anymore ;)
Debs said…
I love reading! My daughter shares the passion as well. As for the "boys" in our house, they rather watch a movie or play video games.
PEA said…
I used to read a lot years ago, in fact I'd read while cooking, watching tv, etc, I always had a book in my hand:-) After a bout with depression, though, I completely lost my concentration for reading books and it has never really come back. Instead, I now visit blogs to travel all over the world and make me forget my problems! hehe xoxo
karisma said…
Ok shove over, Im hopping in too! I just happen to have a stack of Norah Roberts books handy at the moment! Lets get reading! LOL
Wendster said…
Amen to the nodding off and dropping your book advice.

My girls still remind me of the time I dropped Twilight in the tub.

Not a problem at this house. No tub.

Actually ... it's been a while since I read a book. Probably a year! Twilight, the whole set, was a very good read.

Excellent post, as per usual.

Peter said…
I am thankful for the fact we don't have snow... except when its really hot.
grace said…
funny you mention Nora Roberts, I bought a bunch of her books from our library, it was like fill a bag for $5 but I have never read any of them. I will try one, it is snowing today

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