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Monday, September 20, 2010

Finding a Quiet Place

Fun Monday is still alive and kicking and Sayre Smiles asked today's bold question:  Where is Your Quiet Place?

My answer:  Bird watching. There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing then to walk through nature to listen and observe. 

I had an opportunity to go out on a raptor watch on Saturday -  there were fields south of town filled with Swainson's Hawks on their migration to their winter home in Argentina.  I had my camera along, but spent too much time with my binoculars.

I did, however, capture this bullfrog who was waiting patiently for his next meal.  Now, this little amphibian knows all about quiet places.

Shhhhhh. Tip toe on over and see who has joined Sarah for Monday Fun.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Care Packages

Thank you Sandy.  (Myanderings)

Yes my Cyber friend.  You made me feel special.  I love the tea. It smelled so wonderful when I opened the box.  You and I are going to get together sometime.  Outside of this  LCD Monitor and  into some fresh country air.  Yours or mine.  And soon.  I've only flown through Texas once, with grand kids in tow.  Houston was lovely from the air.  So now I'm ready for a tour of your part of Texas.

I've had some other pick-me-ups recently, too.  One of my more recent friend-making moments was when I met Iggy (Intense Guy.)  One day I read his blog and I was hooked.  Is it sexist for me to say HE IS such a nice guy?  Last year he sent me some great tourist info on a local bird and wildlife area where he wanders.  I visited Pennsylvania in 1995 - and fell in love with the southeastern corner, including Philadelphia.   Iggy's posts and photos of his current travels, plus his childhood memories  stir me to travel there again.  Last month he sent me his Summer 2010 issue of Invention & Technology.   Don't laugh.  He knows I'm not an engineer.  The  "Hoover's Miracle Dam Celebrates its 75th" article prompted him to think of me (and my Dam Post.)   He just didn't know how much I needed the patio time with some tea and a special read.  Thank you Iggy.

And then there was The Church Lady. I'd forgotten about entering a caption contest on her blog, Living Life in Pennsylvania, back in early August. (Hey!  Another reason to see PA)  She sent a little email asking about claiming my prize when I didn't come back to chortle about my clever entry.  Actually, her husband's caption won the most votes, but she gave him a big kiss.  I got the Wal-Mart gift certificate for coming in second and not being related.  I'd like to be related, though.   

And thank you to all the rest of you for the little notes and words of encouragement.  The world is full of wonderful people, and I am blessed to know so many.

I was so excited opening it I didn't realize it was all packed with crossword puzzles from the newspaper !!!  What a gal!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today I opened Bloglines to see how v-e-r-y far behind I am on visiting and commenting on my favorite blogs.   Instead of seeing my page full of unmarked and unread links, I saw a notice that Bloglines will officially shut down on October 1st.

Although that deadline is over two weeks away, I knew I better act upon it immediately.  I've overlooked and forgotten many small AND large things the past two months. I don't want to wander away and lose my feeds.

Maybe I'm losing my edge, or maybe I'm just tired.  Either way, I couldn't follow the instructions that Bloglines offered to expedite my list to a new provider.  As a result, I sat down and opened two windows and began opening each of my blog subscriptions, sifting, and resubscribing in my new reader.  Throughout the day I stopped by my computer and continued this task. It was eye opening.

I've subscribed to a lot of blogs in the past 4 1/2 years. Several of my blogging buddies had moved their blogs through two or three blog hosts.  Many of my friends now post rarely. Others have just faded into oblivion. I felt nostalgic when I opened a dormant feed and saw the last correspondence from so long ago.  Not many goodbyes.  Many have moved on to other things without much adieu.  Some had actually closed their blogs and left their personal addresses at the mercy of web advertisers.  Or worse.

It was difficult to leave behind some of the inactive feeds.  One was "Living with Leukemia."  Another was "Gwen's Den," the homes of two bloggers who lost their earthly battle.  I took one last look at those two titles that hadn't lit up in a long time and moved on.  Yesterday I was shocked to hear that Lori, the Barn-goddess, died suddenly in July.  I could not leave her "Ramblings From The Reservation" behind.  So I clicked and carried it.  Maybe I'm hoping her husband or son will post a final note to give us closure.
Some of you know that there has been a plethora of events in our personal world the last two months that has consumed time and energy.  Posting on my blog and reading your blog went to the bottom of my list of priorities.  That doesn't mean you all aren't important to me.  Nor does it mean that my blog is going to fade away.

Right now it just means I miss you.  Lots.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Anemones Still Bloom

I am encouraged by the tenacity of the Anemones pink blossoms that bend and decorate the old log that WR placed near the pond.