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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Continuing Conversations With Grands

A few weeks ago 6+ year old Dinkum came home from school and handed me this photo.

"I drew space for you grandma!"

Grandma:  Can you tell me what everything is?
Dinkum:  It's the planets.
The one that is frowning is Pluto.  He's mad because he's the smallest!


Some recent 4+ year old Mizelle conversations:

One day I walked out to the garage by myself and picked up a sack which fell apart.  Two Butternut squash fell to  the floor which startled me.  I think I yelled "OH NO." 
When I got back into the house  Mizelle was looking at the door.
Mizelle: Gwamma... who did you say 'hi' to?
Gwamma: No one. I was talking to myself.
Mizelle: Can I say hello?


Mizelle: Gwamma.... Gwamma... sumptins wong with my foot." 
Gwamma: Does it hurt?
Mizelle: NO... it won't let me put my sock on!


I had to run some errands and I had my "list" in the front seat. When Mizelle and I hopped out of the car the wind was blowing and I quickly nabbed my list before it blew away. 
Mizelle: Can I read that? (she doesn't read)
Gwamma: No... this is my list and I'm hanging on to it.
Mizelle: Can I carry it?
Gwamma: Not today. I don't want to lose it.
Mizelle: Gwamma. I'm NOT a loser.


Mizelle: Gwamma, have you ever seen a midget.
Gwamma: A few
Mizelle: Where ?
Gwamma: I saw one when I was a teenager.
Mizelle: I saw you when you were a teenager.
Gwamma sighs: Uh....  you weren't born yet.
Mizelle: I saw you... cuz I peaked. Hey.... look at the moon, it is little, too.
Gwamma:  Oh yea... it looks little but it really isn't.
Mizelle: It has smoke on it.
Gwamma:  That is a misty cloud.
Mizelle: It's a broken cloud......... I think a midget broke it.


A chilly afternoon we went to the park and took two of the neighbor children.  Mizelle and Brookie spent most of the time there on this swing.  After a while the boys joined them.  I pulled out my cell phone to take this quick snap.

Things were getting quite rowdy when 6+ year old Brookie  (with the faux fur collar and knit cap) called out:

If you are gonna throw up, turn your face the other way.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Definitely a Cat

We've been cat-sitting elGee since December 22, 2007.    I remember well that very first week when she hid under our bed.

She still loves to take naps under the bed.  She also find solitude there when the grandchildren are around or if anybody dares ring our doorbell.  As a matter of fact, she runs and hides there if she even hears a car on our front drive.

In the evenings she plays some kind of feline game I call "wishy-washy naps."  She chooses my lap to be her kneading source, and then cuddles in for a snooze.  For no apparent reason she will wake up and jump across furniture to repeat the process with my husband. Back and forth.  About every 15 minutes.

ElGee is wishy-washy with her solitary naps, too.  Except she chooses one for 8 to 10 days.  One week I will find her in the rocking chair.  Then another week she is napping on a dresser in the guest bedroom... the window in the computer office ... the captains chair at the dining room table.   I have discouraged her from opening my linen cupboard... for now.  This week she has been napping under the coffee table.

That is where she was on Thursday when my husband got home.  He walked through the garage door which is right next to where my personal computer sits.  After removing his coat, he started to tell me about an experience from his day.  He is notorious for not being able to stand still while talking and as expected, he began to pace the edge of the coffee table.  I turned my chair to give him my attention and became aware that he also had elGee's.

She peaked over the edge and then jumped on to the table.  With her tail flying like a flag, she followed him along the edge of the table  -- back and forth.  Each time he stopped to turn around, she would  stand on her hind legs and push towards him for an affectionate rub.  But, because he had already moved ahead, she only brushed against open air. Back and forth the two of them paced with elGee appearing to become more obsessed with him by the moment, and he appearing oblivious.

I couldn't take it anymore and I yelled, "For Pete's sake! Will you pet the darn cat?"

He stopped abruptly and looked down.  ElGee took the opportunity to complete an aggressive thrust for a full body rub against his knee.

We laughed hysterically as he picked her up to scratch behind her ears and rub her belly.

What can you say, except she's definitely a cat. And she's ours.