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Monday, November 07, 2011


November is a month "Thank" full.

If I allowed myself to pause each morning, just the daily list of overlooked blessings would go on forever.  Starting and ending snuggled warm and cozy in my own "blankie."    Yes - I do admit that I have my special bedding that goes with me everywhere.  I'm thankful for it.

Thanksgiving is the holiday during the month that most Americans celebrate in some way.  Our traditions are anchored in family and food and football.  That last one slipped into the national mood over the last quarter of a century, and our household has not been exempt.  This year we will be with daughters.  They are my special reason for giving thanks this year.

Another day of remembrance in November is Veterans Day.  The saddest part of this day is that we are not running out of them . . . the Veterans. We keep adding to their ranks.  My prayers for these men and women are always of grateful reverence.    The old ones were called forth and most stepped up.  The younger ones volunteered...for a multitude of reasons.  I am convinced, however, that because of the optimism of youth, none expected to be sacrificed, wounded, or forgotten.   This year we should all pause and show our appreciation.  Seek out at least one to encourage, support, and thank this day.  

My very personal Thankful Day this month is our wedding anniversary.  Thirty-five years is a major milestone?  Probably.  The one who is the most constant, however, is my husband.  He is forgiving, long-suffering, and far more optimistic than his wife.  Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve him.   For him I am more than thankful.  

(Sayre Smiles is hosting this thankful theme.  Join in HERE!)


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

First of The Month - Watch Them Grow

The month has rolled around once more and we return to the meme being hosted by Murrieta 365.   I've been faithful to my commitment to post the First of The Month.

The goal is to capture one thing repeatedly on the first of each month. It can be a landscape, a person, an animal, a project; whatever your focus is, is fine. It can even be a record of where you are each First of the Month.

My theme is my three grandchildren, Zbub, Mizelle, and Dinkum. It is called:

Watch them grow!

 Of course this was actually the last day of the month - but who could blame me for wanting to capture a Ninja, a Transformer, and a Lady Pirate.

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