Down for the Count

We got to see our birthday girl Curlymop last weekend along with Jammin', Buttercup, and Lil Caboose. Beautiful grandchildren, if I say so myself. (no pictures, computer problem)

We came home and the lovely Contessa got out the door (probably mad at us for being gone). I called and searched until 1 a.m. and then left the garage door cracked "cat high," hoping that she would come in there and through the cat door into the family room.

Instead, the black and white stray came in. I'm sure it was a Keystone Cop chase through the house, except I wasn't laughing.

Then the scenario that haunted me became reality. The Contessa came in bloody and beaten.

She spent the next night at the veterinarian hospital after a shave and stitches. Now she's wearing a "lampshade," taking antibiotics, and has three lengths of fur. (no picture, computer problem)

She's giving the computer a run for the money, so to speak. At least Tessy purrs!

My computer woes began last winter. Mine was over 8 years old, and had served me well.

The first symptom was to run very slow. I could get up and wash the dishes while waiting for my favorite blogs to load. Not that I did get up and wash the dishes, but you get the gist.

On Mothers Day my husband gifted a brand new high powered computer that jumped around like a firefly -- it was dazzling.

Three weeks later it crashed. Since then.....Up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down.

I would say it has been a roller coaster ride, but I think those rides are supposed to be fun.

So, I am going to take a blogging break and send this thing to the hospital or computer heaven or hell. The latter being how I feel today. Right now it is computer purgatory! ( sigh. double sigh)

No guesstimate on my "vacation." I will miss you. Please don't forget me.


Mercy's Maid said…
Get well soon Kitty (and computer!)
heather said…
I may forget the dust, the dog hair, and the crumbs, but I'll never forget you, my dear!
Good thing the stray black and white wasn't of the unpleasantly scented variety!
little wanderer said…
glad you had fun time with the grandkiddies i am so enjoying living in the same street as my little fella.
so sorry to hear about the cat hope she gets well real soon.
hope the computer problem is soon sorted out, until then you will be missed, come back real soon please x
rose said…
Pam Sorry about all your bad luck. So I'm not the one one who has computer problems You have so many friends I am sure you will not be forgotten. You have some great blogs Sincerely Rose
Susie said…
Your poor kitty and! I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. Don't worry about being forgotten. Not a chance!!
Happy 4th,
Junebug said…
I hope your kitty gets well soon and your computer too. Could not possibly forget you!
lisaschaos said…
SO glad you got to spend time with your grandkids!

I hope kitty and computer both get better quickly!

Enjoy your bloggy break, don't forget us. :)
karisma said…
Oh poor you! And here I was having a moan about my hand me down! LOl! At least it works! As for those grandkids I can vouch for their cuteness! But really someone needs to wash those feet! Karmyn is getting a bit slack while she plays milk machine! Mind you, the lil caboose has lovely feet! LOL
Kathleen Marie said…
So sorry about your computer woes but on a good note you are my THIRD DAY CD/T-shirt, etc... Winner! Whoohoo! Hugs!
Betty said…
I hope Contessa is going to be okay.

Sorry you are having trouble with your new computer. Since it is new I'm sure the warranty will cover it. Hope so anyway.
Kila said…
I hope Contessa heals well, and quickly.

Bummer about the new computer. Hope you see you back soon!

Don't worry, you are unforgettable :)
rose said…
very Good Blog
MarmiteToasty said…
Sounds like a great time with the grand kids....... and DONT talk to me about stray cats, a stray cos me over $300 a few months back and I aint seen him since lol bloody ungrate......

Sorry to hear about your puter probs.... come back soon, we will all be here twiddling our thumbs :)

HAPPY BELATED 4th July.....

Hayden said…
wishing kitty and 'puter both a speedy recovery!
ChrisB said…
I hope your manage to get your computer sorted soon. I've just had 2 weeks with my grandchildren so I know how much you will have enjoyed the time you spent with yours.
I hope the Contessa is making a good recovery.
Tammy said…
Oh no...your poor Contessa...

And we will all miss you so I really hope you're able to come back soon!!!
ablondeblogger said…
Oh that really sucks. Hope you get it fixed soon!
You poor soul! An extended period without the wonder that is the internet. Of course since you aren't a teenager I'm sure it's considerably less daunting than it is for me. But still. Sounds like a terrible fate.
You can pull through this Mrs. Pamela!!!
DesLily said…
Here's hoping the computer is fixed soon!
PAT said…
Hi Pam...sorry to hear about Contessa! Hope she's much better now.

Also sorry to hear about your computer woes. Mine has been having little hissy fits lately, also. We're finally going to have internet access at the lake and I'm shopping for a laptop...just soon as I make a decision about that, this one will go belly up. My daughter is convinced my new laptop should be a mac. Now wouldn't that be nice! Not holding out much hope for that.

Have a great week and hope all your computer issues are easily solved!
wendster said…
Pamela!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Your computer MUST get better. It WILL. What will we do without you?
Wait patiently I suppose.
In the meanwhile, know that you will be missed AND absolutely NOT forgotten.
And Pamela's readers, if you might help me with a search?

My friend lived in Cambodia as a child and lost her baby sister in 1975 during a flat tire change in front of a coca cola silo as they were fleeing the Khmer Rouge War. Her story is on my blog today if anyone knows anyone from Cambodia. They are hoping for a happy reunion.

robinellablog said…
I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. BUT I couldn't supress the giggle when you said lampshade. I don't know why, but that always makes me giggle.

It's words like Lampshade that keep me coming back for more. See you then.
Jettie said…
OOHH poor kitty!! hope kittys feeling better!!!

and so hope your back soon!!
dawn said…
Too bad about the computer. I am glad you found your Contessa and I hope she is recovering. Hope to see you back soon.
kailani said…
I'm so sorry for Contessa! I hope she's feeling better soon.

The computer, too.
Shelby said…
oh ... do come back soon.
Kaytabug said…
Oh I'll be waiting!!!
So sorry to hear about Tessy. Glad she will recover.
I hope the computer problem isn't major!

You'll be missed!!
M@ said…
A PC that crashes? That's as unexpected as sunrise tomorrow.... Sorry to hear you'll be away.
Walker said…
Awwwwww. come on back@! And get a Mac and relax.
my4kids said…
Hope Tessy came through everything okay. I've had my kitty come back that way before also and is very upsetting.
HOpe the computer problem gets fixed also. I may not be posting as much lately due to a very busy schedule lately but I'm still on it all the time.
swampy said…
Forget YOU ! How could we do that?

I think the 'computer problem' is an epidemic.

Have fun and don't forget to come for a visit when you return.
Carla said…
Yikes. Sorry to hear about all your woes. Hopefully things will be looking up soon.
swampbird said…
I'm back...thanks for identifying my birds for me. I can assure you, that little black headed grosbeak's little black head was throbbing that day.

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