3 Birds, One Stone (3 Memes, One Post)

I have been tagged three times recently.

Once by Willowtree, who wanted to know about the music to which I listen. The rules were: "List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying.

I hope he doesn't mind if I am general in my responses. I just can't 'name that tune" as I did when I was 21.

A bunch of masochistic bloggers, lead by Robin wanted to see my appearance upon waking in the morning. The rules: to show [their] morning faces! Yes, she wants to see that no-makeup, just-got-up, haven't-had-coffee-yet face. Are you up for it???"
Oh well... beauty is only skin deep. Ugly goes all the way to the bone. Hmmph.
Then, Kathleen Marie got me on another one of those tell us about yourself posts. The rules: Each player starts with eight (8) random facts/habits about themselves.
I've done a few of these in the past with more humor than fact. So, I'll try to share something that may be more significant.

So, here goes Music, Random Fact, and The Face.

1) When I sleep I have to wear an NTI (Tension Suppression System) It is that funny little thing in my mouth that looks like a pair of bucked teeth. The hubby and I affectionately nicknamed it 'the bucky' because it has that chipmunk quality . It keeps me from clenching my teeth and waking up with a sore jaw and a headache. This winter I failed to wear it for a month - and subsequently cracked and lost a tooth. The oral surgeon completed a bone graft, which is in process, and I will have a tooth implant sometime this summer. (ouch)

Just barely awake, no shower, no coffee, pillow still cuddled up next to face, and bucky on teeth. You don't get any earlier folks.

While I am doing much better in the finding dreamland games, I still like to listen to my favorite CD as I search. A Woman's Retreat is a "relaxing blend of strings, flutes, soothing voice and French Horn." It lulls me to sleep,

2) I am sensitive to the sun, so I always wear sun block and a hat. One of the medications that I take exacerbates this. My freckles have all become brown spots. I even have freckles in my eyes.

I've had my coffee here all you lookey-loos. NO Comments -- Absolutely NO Comments are allowed about the face covered in sun block. (I see it now not rubbed in.)

If you see me in the garden wearing my hat and gloves, the music I would choose to accompany me would be Josh Groban. Of course my favorite song ever from him is "You Raise Me Up."

3) I am learning to water-color as a mid-life adventure. I don't want to get too distracted when I paint. But, if I choose to have music it will be Andrea Bocelli . He sings in Italian, so I don't have to bother with words.

4) I always drive over the speed limit by at least 8 mph. It's just me, Diana Krall (a great Canadian Jazz Singer) and my little old lady car smoothing out the landscape. The only time I got a speeding ticket was when doing 35 in a 25 mph zone in a tiny town in Oregon. I called the City Courthouse to find out how to pay my fine. The clerk did some "tsk tsking" on the phone and told me I didn't have to pay it. "That patrolman is just a little too busy," she added.

If you haven't had a chance to experience Diana Krall, I recommend her for a quiet evening as well.

5) I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. There are times I don't believe it. Then there are times when I curse the morning because I feel like I'm down for the count in an all night boxing match.

The Hubby has downloaded scores of golden oldies, and plays them in his office. Sometimes the Righteous Brothers (his and my favorites) start playing and he walks down the hall, dances me through the kitchen and sings in my ear, " Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch ." It takes the pain away - even if only for those few minutes.

6) When I was in high school I thought that I would major in music as singing was something that came naturally to all my brothers and sisters. But, when I went to college I changed my mind - that's another story altogether!

ANYWAY... back in the early 90's I heard Jaci Velasquez sing. She was a Christian music artist that began her career in her early teens. I love to close my eyes and worship with her music. Unfortunately, I believe she may have recently switched to pop music in the Latin sector.

7) When the daughters were young we took them contra dancing. My memory is vague on why we quit participating. But, I think it probably had something to do with school activities and business in general. I still love to hear a good fiddle and a folk song. Acoustical music is the real deal.

8) I hate to shop. For Anything. Even music.


ChrisB said…
Ok I won't comment about the photo, pillow looks cosy and very fetching sunhat!!

Funnily enough I was copying lots of my old cd's onto itunes yesterday and amongst them one was Josh Groban. I can now play music as I blog instead of listening to the radio all the time.
DesLily said…
oh i love Josh Groban!...

I like your hat. I look horrid in hats but more woman should wear them, especially when relaxing or gardening outside!
Anonymous said…
What do you mean don't say anything about the face. You know that is inviting comments. You have a beautiful face. And you look good in a hat. I love the sleeping photo, that is a good one too.

I am headed to iTunes to check out Diana Krall. Thanks for the heads up on her.

Happy Mother's Day!
Anonymous said…
aww you look cute;) Scary is what I look when the morning sun comes through the window.. I wonder sometimes how my hubs can look at me *grin* must be love!!

that was a great way to blend all the tags;) I"ll have to remember it!
Helene said…
I am going to comment about the photos because 1. you were brave and a good sport to post them and 2. you look fabulous! REALLY! I love the photo of you in the hat!

When I wake I have slept with my head under the pillow for part of the night so my hair (and I have tons of it) is ALLLL over the place! I ususally forget to take off my makeup so I have mascara under at least one eye... ya you get the not so pretty mental image! hehehe

Happy Mothers Day!
Susie said…
I love how you combined these three memes. Josh Grobin is one of my favorites as well!
I won't say anything at all about how much I like your photo of you in the sunhat!!
Anonymous said…
yeah mom - VERY Nice hat!!!! (wink wink - you know - hee hee)
Beccy said…
I think you look beautiful in you hat...and very sesible to.
Anonymous said…
I love Diana Krall.. of course I am always partial to Canadian musicians.

I wear a bite guard to sleep because I have intentions of grinding my teeth to dust every night. So attractive.

I need to work on that tag too... it's going to be scary.
Anonymous said…
Hey I love the new banner, people just make enough use of dust these days.

"I have been tagged three times recently". That's not quite true, when I tagged you CDs hadn't yet been invented, now we need to know what you listen to on CD;)

Love Diana Krall, can't say much for her choice in husbands.
Mary said…
First off, love the new header! That cracked me pretty good, we have similar dust scapes here. I love Josh Groban, and you raise me up always makes me cry.

Lastly, you are very pretty in the morning! Unlike me... i was sorry for my poor husband who has to look at me every morning... when I saw my pics. But I posted them anyway!
Anonymous said…
Cory leurves Diana Krall. I think we have all her cd's.

I love you in the sun hat! So cute!
Kelly Curtis said…
Happy Mother's Day!

You are completely DARLING!!

And when did you sneak into my house to take that pic in your header? I found your name written on my furniture today;))
Gattina said…
First of all congratulations that you put 3 memes into one ! That's already a great achivement ! 2. I don't mention your face at ALL but I find the picture very nice !

And if you would put a very stringy steak from an old cow in your mouth so that you could chew on that the whole night without damaging any teeth ? Admit, I always have great ideas (for others, lol)
Anonymous said…
I feel like crappers today. My intentions were to just read today and not comment.

I love that picture of you! (the one with the hat) I tried to make it bigger but photobucket wants me to sign in.. bla bla bla. What a sweet face. Honest open caring face.

I knew it all along.

I feel a little better now.
Anonymous said…
I enjoy The Righteous Brothers and Andrea Bocelli, too...and I love your masthead!!
BarnGoddess said…
great photo of you in your sunhat! I like it :)

omg Im downright frightful in the morning.....yikes!
Anonymous said…
May I comment on your photo if I say something nice? Such natural beauty! I love that picture of you!
BlondeBlogger said…
Pamela, your photo is GORGEOUS!!! You have such a natural beauty and I'm so jealous. You totally deserve to win Hottest Mommy Blogger!

And the Josh Groban song? You probably know from my blog that that was Mark's song. It played to images of his life at his viewing.

Rob and I heard it on our anniversary and knew it was him wishing us a happy anniversary. :)

Did you see Josh perform it with the African Children's Choir on Idol Gives Back? Oh my gosh, I was bawling!
Anonymous said…
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