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Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Conversations ….With


Grandma: Dinkum -- let me give you a hug and a kiss
Dinkum, 5 1/2: If you have Fifty-five bucks.


Z-bub, 7 1/2, shares his brother's  belief that he’s too old to be kissing grandma. The other day I was showing him one of those cute videos on U-tube with dogs and cats. I was completely caught off guard when he leaned against my shoulder and put his fingers up my head and began to caress my hair.  I never said a word… just enjoyed the moment.

Dinkum: "What does Hallelujah mean?"
Mom:  Well, it’s like being thankful and full of praise.  A word for worship.
Dinkum:  “Then why does that one song say it's raining men, hallelujah?”

Dinkum: "Grandma! We had chinese food."
Grandma: Yum!  What food did you eat?
Devo: I had chicken on a stick, pineapple chicken and spilled water.


Saw this picture on another forum recently and felt I had to post it in honor of Dinkum.  It speaks for itself.
rocket fuel

Caboose will be 5 in May. His father's family are all TALL. Three of his Uncles range well above 6 feet as does his dad. His auntie Annette is 6' also. Her 14 year old is over 6 ft and another twenty something cousin is at least 6'8".

So when I took my 4’11” sister to visit at his house couple of weeks ago, the Caboose peaked out the window and gasped, "Look Mama... she's the same size as grandma!"


Curlymop, 8, walked to the store with her mom after school and they bought some Swedish Fish.  On their way home she chastised her mom for buying junk food.

 "Mom," she instructed, " I think when we get home that I should have a reasonable snack."  

Grandchildren's Friends

Peppy, age 4:   I want to have Curlymop’s last name!
Mama:  What is it about Curlymop's last name that you like?
Peppy:   Because it is  Curlymop ....Ruby...Parker... Come ...Here!

….and Grand Old Dames

(Auntie Fern who will be 104 in April and is certainly nearly deaf.)

A young nurses Aide:  Hi Fern! How are you today?
Fern: I'm 100, and I'm going to live another 100 years just to torment you.