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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Grandma's Curlymop

Curlymop - Canon Rebel XTI

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Monday - How I named my Blog

Mariposa, todays hostess, asked Fun Monday participants to tell her what is in a name. The name of our blogs, to be exact.

It was a dark and stormy night.......

NOT. It was actually a hot and dusty afternoon. As I mentioned in my previous post (Elvis Sighting) our backyard was in a very torn up mood. I was sifting rocks, and had been for several months.

Blogging wasn't anything I'd really considered seriosly, but I had been reading a few. In fact, my daughter Karmyn was a beginner blogger.That day I scrubbed the dirt out of my fingernails and sat down at my computer to take a rest. Everything around my computer and in every room of the house was covered with a fine layer of top soil. I know that I groaned out loud. We'd been so busy on that mess in the yard that the inside of the house had been horribly neglected.

That is when I decided that, "The Dust Will Wait."

I opened blogger and wrote my very first post, "My Dusty First Hello."

Twenty months have passed and I'm still writing. And the dust still waits.

Check out Mariposa's Tales and the other participants today. I hear some of them are also sharing their favorite dishes. (Mariposa has Sushi. Aaaaaaack!)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Elvis Sighting

Nikki is having a CONTEST. It is all about Elvis. Stay with me now.....

Two years ago when our septic system was All Shook Up, we had to Rip It up. That meant tearing up the entire landscaped yard, except for the fence line. The hubby put on his Big Boots and I put on my Blue Suede Shoes. It was a total mess. Everyone in the neighborhood kept telling us to Clean Up Your Own Backyard.

We had to place our Spring Fever on hold that year. First we had to Shake, Rattle, and Roll all the top soil and it took Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

The reason for the delay was an unusual monsoon season, and When It Rains It Really Pours.

After three months we were still in A World of Our Own. We were Working On The Building for eight hours then came home to work in the yard for another eight. Yippie ya yo ya yeah!

I spent so many days sifting rock that I felt as though I was "Raised on Rock." If you had asked me what my plans for the day were, my answer would have been to do the "Rock-a Hula Baby!"

Slowly but Surely we made headway.

That's when I started digging Elvis Presley. Literally. Ok, so it was Just Pretend. But there he was - and I helped him up out of the dirt and there was a Whole Lotta Shakin Goin' On. And I said he could Stand By Me while I worked and we could Talk About the Good Times. That went on for another Twenty Days and Twenty Nights.

And then one morning the hubby told Elvis, "I know you're What Every Woman Lives For, but I only let you stay Until It's time For You To Go. And Doncha' Think It's Time?"

Elvis asked "Do you Know Who I am?"

and the hubby replied, "You're The Devil In Disguise and just Make Believe. "

Saying he had the Steamroller Blues is an understatement. He buried him Way Down and then rolled him under Sixteen Tons. Talk about Hearts of Stone.

So, now you know what is under the Green Green Grass of Home and will be left there for someone else to find A Hundred Years from Now. Aw heck - The Grass Don't Pay No Mind.

I hope you enjoyed my entry into Nikki's ELVIS SIGHTING CONTEST.

ps. Elvis is alive - Cross My Heart And Hope To Die

Comment highlight:

Willowtree said...

Ordinarily I'd sayBaby I Don't Care, but I'm so impressed how Every Effort has Been Made to tell the whole story.

However,I Believe that Just A Little Bit of the story may have been fabricated, as it's well known that Elvis has left the building. But as they say, There Ain't Nothing Like A Song to give a story that certain oomph.

PEA said...

Wow, who knew that you had that Big Hunk o' Love helping you Clean Up Your Own Backyard!! Are You Sincere when you said I'll Remember You after he went from Rags to Riches?? I'll have to Stop, Look and Listen to see if there's a Stranger In My Hometown...it might be Tiger Man coming to by to visit me Just For Old Time Sake:-) xox

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time Out for Rockin' Grandmas

ChrisB (aka Ms Cellania) introduced our Rockin' alter egos in a past post - just for the humor of it all.

My response was to jokingly suggest we use it to our advantage and create our own award which linked back to our blogs.

Well -- she jumped right on the b*tch bar and rode it!!
Chris has already presented several Rockin' Grandmas and now it is my turn.

Drum roll ------------------ ba dum ba dum ba dum ba dum ba dum.

Take a bow mjd! Molly is one smart cookie at Return of The White Robin ! If I was ever a kid (and I think I may have been at one time) she is the teacher I would have wanted to speak into my life. And the sweet and wise woman wears overalls!

Show us your winning smile Suzie! Suzie's Space is one of the most positive places to stop and visit. Suzie is a wonderful grandmother and a wonderful GRANDDAUGHTER at the same time. Generations of love fill her space.

Hang this in your pantry, Pat! If you want to learn how to make a house a home, sit a spell at Back Porch Musings . She can decorate on a dime, and make it look like a million. She also invites you along on mini vacations to places you would never hear about otherwise.

I enjoy them all very much.

Thank you ladies for proving that white hair and progressive lenses R.O.C.K.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time Travel

My dad’s constant journeys as a youth left him with little enthusiasm for travel once he settled down. That, combined with the responsibilities of supporting a wife and eight children, left little opportunity for vacations or pleasure trips. So, we didn’t leave home much.

I do, however, have vivid memories of our once a year 5 hour drive across state to see my aging grandmother and Aunt Birdie, mom’s eldest sister.

Dad would confuse the cow by milking in the wee morning hours. While he cleaned up, mom roused us from our bed and piled us half asleep into the car.

We drove into the dawn and cracked it somewhere high in the Cascade Mountains.

The distinct odor of burned toast greeted our arrival. Grandma Grace liked it charred. I don’t know how she chewed it – her dentures fit poorly. That’s why I thought she was gritting her teeth when she talked. And, at that time in her life she talked incessantly - to no one in particular. I still picture her wrapped in a blue apron, fingering an embroidered handkerchief. She chatted away in the front room of my Aunt Birdie’s house, blissfully unaware that her new audience was not listening.

Aunt Birdie was closer in age to grandma than to my mom. She and grandma wore high top lace up leather shoes with a solid high heel that made them both seem much taller. The heavy heels also gave them the appearance of stomping around the house. They would balance precariously around the little Boston Terrier, Jackie, that was forever figure-eighting his way between the two women’s legs.

If Aunt Birdie wasn’t hollering at the dog, her nasal voice was resonating instructions at the other inhabitants of the house. Usually, she was trying to get the attention of one of her three grandchildren whom she was raising. Not that she was really “yelling.” She seemed unable to produce any volume – so her tone sounded agitated and frustrated when no one heeded her calls.

Although her husband Sam was nearly deaf, Birdie directed him on matters and he would grunt responses. He was a massive old fellow with a generous measure of wavy white hair. I was fascinated by his ability to lift his huge bulk and walk noiselessly through the kitchen without every moving his head. She continued chirping at him even as his form disappeared behind the closing screen door.

I didn’t understand her extensive “duties” until I was much older. She took care of my grandma, her adult daughter, three grandchildren, an ill husband, and a small trailer park. I don’t remember ever hearing her utter a word of complaint.

Our visit would end quickly.

Dad was anxious too soon about his animals at home and mom became uneasy about dad. So, we hit the road in mid afternoon and headed west.

We’d arrive home late, dad would milk once more, and I would go to bed thinking we’d had a grand adventure.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Pine Siskin

Canon Rebel XTI

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Enquiring Grandchildren Want To Know

Late afternoon:

Grandma: Curlymop, would you like some juice.

Curlymop: I want some.

Grandma goes to the kitchen and returns with juice for Curlymop and a glass of cold water for Grandma.

Grandma takes two swallows: Burp. Excuse me!

Curlymop: Gwamma, you boooped.

Grandma: Yes, excuse me Curlymop.

Grandma takes a couple more swigs: Burp. Burp. (Eyes open wide in surprise!) EXCUSE ME!

Curlymop: Gwamma, you booped again.

Curlymop runs across the room and pulls grandma’s cup down and peers intently into the clear liquid.

Curlymop: What? It’s only water?

6:00 a.m.

Grandpa has little fingers prying open his eyelids.

Buttercup: Grandpa.

Grandpa: Whaaa…whaaa…whaaaa. Oh Hi Buttercup.

Buttercup: Grandpa. Grandma is still asleep. Mommy is all *jumbled up. I have to crawl into bed with you. (*note: jumbled up with her pregnant pillow, we assume)

Grandpa: Okay then.

Buttercups crawl up on the bed to sit next to Grandpa. She begins chattering (which wakes grandma.)

Buttercup: Grandpa??

Grandpa: Yes Buttercup.

Buttercup: Your breath smells really bad.

Grandpa: Mmmmmmm.

Buttercup: Let me smell it again.

Grandpa: Okay.

Buttercup: (Leans in and takes a very deep nose sniff.)

Grandpa: (Waits in suspense.)

Buttercup: Pugh! Yup, it really stinks.

Moral of two stories: Grandparents can’t get away with anything.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

Fun Monday - The Top of My List

Tiggerlane is hosting Fun Monday and did she ever choose a funtastic topic. And I quote:

Have you heard of TheBucket List? Well, that's what I want from you! Make a list of things you want to do before you die. It must be at least five items - and you can make it as long as you desire. Photos are optional. And let's hear about some of the wackiest, most bizarre to-do's on your Bucket List!

A few months back my computer crashed. We were able to recover most all my data, but I never found my To Do List. Fortunately for you, the first three on my list are never far from my thoughts.

Numero Uno! My friends and family know I yearn to go on a Tornado/Storm Chase. Recently I began watching the Twister Sisters documentaries. I've decided that they are my tour of choice. The one thing I want to make perfectly clear is that I want to CHASE the weather, and not to have it chase me. My friend Kim told me last year that she would go. Then her roof blew off in that unusual bluster we had in January. Now she says she's seen enough !
Any volunteers to replace her? Click on the Sisters to go to their web site.

My second TO DO involves the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. I saw them once from the fields north of our town. I danced the jig. ( Well, I danced something and everything jiggled. That counts, doesn't it?) My true goal is to go as far north as Alaska will take me and become one with the phenomenon that no one completely understands. Spaceweather is a great place to find out what solar activity is likely to produce it on any given night. An acquaintance who moved from Fairbanks told me that you could hear them crackle in the far north. Was she pulling my leg?

This picture is from Destination 360 - which links to multiple Aurora web sites.

I want to see the Great Gray Whale in it's birthing place. Number three on my bucket list will get me up close and personal with Whales and Birds in the Sea of Cortez. Click the picture at the right to take a look at A Traveling Naturalist Holiday. What makes it even more exciting is the opportunity to combine the big giants of the sea with a bird watching adventure. It is almost more than my cerebral excitement center can handle.

Somewhere on the list was a family reunion on a tropical island. I'm moving it into the fourth position.If you look to the left you will see a Vacation Idea, The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Tropical Island Vacation Resort. My tropical place will be just like this; large enough to accommodate my extended family - small enough that there would be no room for other guests. Currently there are over 50 including my living brothers and sisters, spouses, and our combined children and grandchildren.

This "resort offers a variety of complimentary activities, including rain forest hikes, waterfall excursions, Fijian arts & crafts, organic garden tours, sea kayaking, sailing, glass bottom boat tours and tennis. Children under 9 years old can attend the Bula Camp where daily activities include beach combing, planting, fish painting and Fijian arts and crafts."

No cooking, cleaning, or planning entertainment. Everything done!! Of course this means I need to win the lotto.
Speaking of Winning the Lotto, this is a good spot to begin extending my new To Do List. So here it is - Number 5 --- prefaced by a note to make sure I purchase one ticket each week.

I want to win a mega-million dollar lotto and keep it a secret. (I think Delaware is one state where you can win the lotto and not be required to release your identity.) The money would be placed in a Trust that would contribute to the needs of people and to worthy causes. It would be so much fun to sit in a corner and observe the recipients of a Blessing. (An important part for me would be that I should humbly accept the position as only a conduit for a Higher Plan.)

Now I'm off to read the aspirations of all the other Fun Monday participants. Please follow me THERE.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wildflowers in Winter - Week Three

This is the third week of Wildflowers in Winter, a wonderful weekly blogging theme presented by Elizabeth Joy. The subject for January 30 through February 5 is:

Stories, quotations or poetry about wildflowers written by you or someone else. Or write a book review about a book that features wildflowers, such a guide book, picture book, travel guide or something about wildflower gardening, etc. Or Write about some special places/trails/areas to go searching for wildflowers that you are familiar with. Tell about the best time of year to go there, and what you might see. Share photographs if you have them.

Take a deep breath, because this is a rabbit trail away from the rules.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Last spring we attended one of Jammin's T-Ball games in Western Oregon. There were little spring blossoms everywhere in the natural park surrounding the playing field.

During a lull in the action, I entertained the troops with my impression of a paper daisy vase.

Hey! My granddaughters loved it.

If you are looking for serious wildflower posts, I promise you'll find those links over at Wildflower Morning. Believe me, I nose.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Can You Type?

I saw this at Lil Mouse and had to try it.

95 words

Touch Typing

Let me know how you do ! !

Friday, February 01, 2008

Swampy posts past perfect

Sometimes I read a post that deserves more than one of my silly comments.
I write a note to myself that says, "This is a perfect post."

Swampwitch over at Anecdotes, Antidotes, and Anodes beguiled me with her narrative about meeting and having breakfast with One From The Greatest Generation. Bill

You will miss out if you don't go read it. Right Now.

Oh yeah... this was/is definitely a Perfect Post.The Original Perfect Post Awards – Jan 08

I invite you to read other nominations for the January Perfect Post Awards at www.petroville.com and www.suburbanturmoil.blogspot.com.